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Respect Theme Day

Friday November 16th – ‘Show Respect Day’.

We have spent the day working on materials from the Anti-Bullying Alliance regarding choosing respect. We hope you enjoy watching a couple of our videos that we have made about choosing respect in and around school that are below this messge. If you would like any further information the web link is

We have also been discussing a book called ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ by Carol McLoud. This book introduces the notion that everyone carries an invisible bucket around with them every day full of their happy thoughts and feelings. Choosing respect and kindness towards others helps you to be a ‘bucket filler’ and not only fills the bucket of the person you are being kind to but also fills your bucket at the same time too. Conversely, there are also ‘bucket dippers’ who go around being unkind to others and taking away their happiness. We have explained that ‘bucket dippers’ do this because they have an empty happy bucket to start with and believe that they can steal other people’s happiness – but we all know that they can’t. If your child talks to you about ‘bucket filling’ or ‘bucket dipping’ please reinforce this at home. Hopefully it will mean that we have happier homes and a happier school. Miss Moss.

Respect on the playground.

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A mini drama, created by Y2, on how to show respect on the playground.

Respect in the dinner hall

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A short drama about showing respect to others in the dinner hall.

Respect in the corridor

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A short drama about being respectful to others in our corridors.