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Real Life

We sorted old cars and new cars into the correct hoops. We talked about what the cars looked like and how they were similar and different.
Th NSPCC came in to talk to us about staying safe and what to do if we have a problem.
Autumn- Science
We went on a walk to look for the signs of Autumn and brought some of the leaves back to class for our autumn tray. We used a clipboard and pencil to note down our observations.


 We explored google earth. We looked at what features we recognised near school.

Geography- compass
We explored the compass. Looking wher North, South, East and west are.
We used the compass outside.
We played a game of North, South, east and West. The children had to walk in the direction I called. We then talked about near, far, left and right. The children then had to follow my instructions and go to where I said. We then came back in and looked where school was on the digimap. We talked about what it was near and what it was far from.