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Real Life

Summer 1 - PE

After weeks of practising different skills and gaining knowledge of rounders games, we set up our own game after selecting teams and followed the rules and played a fair game which resulted in a draw! We have some great action shots of us batting and fielding. 

Summer 1 - English

Using our class novel - Goodnight Mister Tom - we looked at the different ways the author shows a characters personality focussing on the authors use of slang and misspelling to show how a character talks. We worked through the chapters we have read so far and wrote these down in our book and translated to what it should be if it was wrote using proper English. 

Summer 1 - History

For our WW2 unit, a lot of us brought in our own artefacts that we have at home. Sophie asked her family member and brought in some war cook books focussing on using foods that were grown by themselves (veg) trying not to use food that was rationed, along with lots of other things. Amelia brought in some of her great-grandads war artefacts including some of his badges. Casey-Mae brought in some books that belong to a family member looking at the British spitfires. Ben brought in his grandpa’s medals as well as his badge from his uniform. He also brought in money from the countries that his grandpa had collected it from during the time of the war. Dylan and Lucy