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Follow the links below to see our work from World Book Day (top), British Science Week (middle)  and Comic Relief (bottom). 

Spring 2 - History

To start our WW2 unit, we have been able to get hold of a museum loan with different war artefacts. We worked in groups looking at different types of sources/artefacts and answered questions about it. 
The different stations we had were: 

  • Museum loan artefacts
  • Evacuee’s suitcase & belongings
  • War posters
  • War Newspaper articles (some real ones from Mrs Pool) 
  • War documents (real ones brought in by Mrs Pool) 
  • War documents (replicas) 

We then drew the artefact in our books and answered the questions:

  • What is it?
  • What do you think it was used for?
  • Who do you think used it?
  • How do you think the person felt when they used it and why?

Spring 2 - English

Coming towards the end of spring term, we have started our novel - Goodnight Mister Tom. We will start this now and we will continue this after Easter. As this is our Film & Playscript unit, we started off by looking at the start of Chapter 1 in the novel compared to the start of the playscript version of the novel. We looked at stage directions (italics) as well as how the script shows who is talking (being in bold) while we compared them. 

Spring 2 - Science 

As part of our Materials and their properties unit, we looked at what reversible and irreversible changes are. We looked at different ways materials can be mixed together and if they can be separated in different ways. One of these changes to a solid was for us to create jelly and see how this dissolves into a liquid when mixed with boiling hot water. 

Spring 2 - Science

For our new Science unit - Materials and their properties - we started off by researching the scientist Spencer Silver. We looked at how he created a new adhesive by accident and what he created we see everyday - the sticky stuff that is on a post-it note. 

Spring 1 - History 

To finish our Ancient Egyptians topic and start our Early Islamic Civilisation topic, we created a timeline of the different time periods we have looked at throughout key stage 2 and added in ones we will look at in year 5. We used a scale of 2cm = 1000 years and used different coloured tape to show the different eras. 

Spring 1 - Science 

To finish of our forces unit, we looked at different mechanisms. This included us looking at what a lever mechanism was, gears and pulleys. 

We discussed how all of these are used to make lifting a weight easier. 

We created our own pulleys using 1 pulley at first, but then pushed ourselves to two pulleys or more. 

Spring 1 - PE

As a one off before beginning our new PE unit, we took part in a fitness bootcamp. We discussed as a class first, which muscle groups we can target doing different exercises. We then created 6 stations to work at for 2 minutes each time. We completed sprints, the plank, sit ups, squats, press ups and burpees.