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Real life

PSHE - Exercise


We talked about exercise and why we do it. We then felt the effects on on bodies after exercising.

Science - materials


We worked in pairs to find objects made rom wood, plastic, glass, metal and fabric.



We explored the school grounds looking for human and physical features.

Science - Materials


We explored the materials and talked about what properties they have.



We looked at google maps to see where school is. We talked about other landmarks we could see. We then looked for human and physical features around Fulwood.

Science - Materials


Henry the dog wrote to Year 1 to ask if they could help him find the right material for a new coat. We investigated which materials were water proof. We talked about how we could  make the test fair.



We talked about our journeys to school and what features we pass. We then drew a map.



We explored the compass. We found North, South, East and West.



We explored the power point of the artist Wassily Kandinsky to find out about him. We then in pairs looked at his paintings. We chose which one we wanted to write about.



We chose 4 numbers and ordered them from the smallest to the greatest.



We looked at some photographs of some bridges. We talked about the materials that have been used and started to look at how they have been joined.



We practised throwing under arm and over arm.