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Real Life


The children made a field of poppies. Alesha also chose to use play dough to make a poppy. We remember all those who lost their lives in the war so that we can be safe.

Leaf Art

Finding out what is inside a pumpkin, exploring and describing

The children discovered there are seeds inside a pumpkin.

The children used primary colours to colour mix and then printed with leaves. Some chose to paint around the leaves and noticed the shape while others made their leaf prints into people!

Going on a leaf hunt!

The children went on an Autumn leaf hunt and discovered sycamore leaves and many more! They looked at the different shapes, size and colour.

Collecting sunflower seeds

The children loved collecting sunflower seeds. They can't wait to plant them and see if another flower grows.


Adeline looked at the road map and pointed to the motorways. She said there was an emergence there. Izzy and Emily helped to build a hospital ready for the emergency.