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Real Life

We have been learning about Autumn.  We have used our senses to describe what we can see, hear, touch and smell.  We have explored the colours of the leaves and used words like red, orange, green, brown, spotty, colourful.  We listened to what they felt like under our feet. We used scrunchy, crunchy and rustly.  

Our Autumn walk

We explored a pumpkin in nursery.  We looked at it. We felt it.  We then used our muscles to screw screws into it using a screwdriver.  It was hard work.  

We had to push them.

We had to turn the screwdriver.

Exploring the pumpkin

We then cut open the pumpkin to see what is inside.


I think there will be treasure (Dougie)

I think there will be stones because it is heavy. (Alice)


We cut the top off and felt what it was like.


Oohh it is squidgy.

It is slimy.


The children then helped to scoop the seeds out and we talked about what would happen if we planted one of the leaves.  We counted the leaves as we took them out.