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Real Life

Autumn 1 - PE

To start our new Invasion Game unit of Netball, we took part in a little activity of the passes we could remember from past years in PE. We could all confidently talk about and show the bounce pass and chest pass as we have used these in games before. We were then introduced to the shoulder pass and practised all these passes. 

Autumn 1 - Science 

In our first unit of Science - Forces, we had looked closely at what gravity was. Some of us could explain how it is a force that pulls things to the centre of the Earth. We then thought about what characteristics could effect how something falls. As a class, we came up with the question - Does the weight of an object effect its gravitational pull? Meaning, if something is heavier, is it quicker falling to Earth. 


Miss Smith investigated this question by using a ping pong ball (very light) and a football (much heavier) and dropping them at the same time from the same height. 


We noticed as a class, that they bounced on the ground at the same time.