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Real Life

Summer 1 - Cricket

This half term we are so fortunate to have a cricket coach in, showing us accurate techinques to bowl the ball at the wickets. 

Spring 2 - Music

In music we composed short pieces inspired by water in the oceans and the seas. We thought about how fast the water moved to help us with the dynamics. So if the water was moving fast then our section of music would be forte. 

Spring 2 - Science

In our science lessons we have been finding out about the human digestive system. We made a digestive system with our bodies to help our discussions. We also made a digestive system with orange juice, bananas and a pair of tights to help us understand the function of all of the organs. This really aided the process and helped us to embed the process in our heads especially when we can't see inside of our bodies. 

Spring 2 - Geography

We used resources to create a mountain range to explore how run off of precipitation forms into tributaries. We made the tributaries join into a river which led to the ocean. We imagined this was The Amazon River. We measured puddles and observed the changes to learn about evaporation and see it occurring for ourselves. 

Week 7 - Computing

We made notes about the number of search results we got when we used Boolean operators. We were trying to find new school shoes. 

Week 6 - Science

This week we were given resources to create circuits. We investigated which materials were conductors and also found faults in circuits given to us. 

Week 4 - Art

We needed to find patterns in nature. We found circles in the bark and lots of shapes in leaves. 

Week 4 - PE

We took part in a European sports day. We created lots of activities to do as a circuit and we timed ourselves and measured our attempts. We had a few goes and tried to beat our previous measurements. We had to measure our own long and triple jumps. 

Week 3 - PE

This week we put our map reading skills to the test. We took part in a Year 4 orienteering competition. We used a map of the school grounds to find the cards that had been hidden and completed a series of exercises at each point. It was so much fun! 

Week 3 - Science

This week we explored the absence of light. We covered our eyes with our hands but kept our eyes open. As we opened our fingers we could begin to see because light was hitting our hands. We also discussed why we need to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun light. Whilst outdoors we found shadows that were being made by trees and buildings. We made shadows using our bodies too.  


We also investigated the best material for a baby's black out blind too (it definitely wasn't cellophane!).