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Real Life

Using real herbs to make a pie

Flossie found some parsley, rosemary and thyme to add to her pie.

Making a river

The girls made a river together and learned what a meander is!

Going to the Seaside

The children have loved making sandcastles at the seaside, exploring wet and dry sand. Reception children have also made an ocean scene and then gone swimming!

Planting flowers and plants

Using blossom to make perfume

Abigail used blossom from the trees to add to water and make perfume.

Life Cycle of a butterfly

Aanu could tell me all about the life cycle of a caterpillar and has been learning a song about this too. The children have been looking out for caterpillars and butterflies around the school grounds.

Looking after plants

The children have enjoyed planting and looking after flowers. They know that flowers will attract minibeasts and noticed a butterfly that came to visit! 

Making Hot Cross Buns

Faatimah, Henry and Thomas busily made hot cross buns in the Home Corner ready for Easter and they added crosses.

Stickman story and making a stick family

The children listened to the story 'Stickman' and then collected their own sticks in the school grounds. They made their own stick families, counting and ordering sticks. They used language such as longest, shortest shorter.

Finding Shapes in Ice


Bonfire Night

After Bonfire Night the children wanted to create firework pictures and also write about sounds they heard.


The children had lots of fun searching for Autumn leaves. They found different colours and shapes and also had a go at counting how many they had collected.