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Mummifying a tomato

Scooping out the fleshy parts
Ensuring no bacteria is in our tomato
Fill with salt and bicarbonate of soda (natron)
Ready to leave for 70 days

“Obviously, we couldn’t really mummify a body, that would be awful so we used a tomato instead. It really showed us how the Ancient Egyptians mummified their pharaohs and pets. Now I have a proper job understanding of how and why they did that in their civilisation.“

- Angela

Hand washing

"I know that we do actually need to wash our hands properly with soap to remove all of the germs. I knew before that I needed to use soap, but I didn't know it had to be for 20 seconds and rubbing between fingers. This experiment was really interesting, it will highlight how many germs are really on our hands." 

- Lucia 

Visit to Liverpool World Museum

“The museum was great! We have learnt about a few things but we only started last week. It’s amazing to see real artefacts from the ancient times.”

- Charlotte

Internet Safety

"I learnt that people are not always nice on the internet, they can send pictures or nasty messages. I now know how to use the report buttons so I can report people if they do something wrong to me or someone else. " 

- Angela