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Real Life

Learning about the life of an ARP warden

By having Ellie in, it helped me to gain knowledge about gas masks used in World War Two and how the children would have known what to do when they heard an air raid siren. It was a very exciting afternoon and we got to complete lots of activities about styles of clothing, calculating clothing rations, and bomb evacuation procedures. I also learnt something new, there are lots of different types of bombs and they come in different shapes. The afternoon helped me to increase my knowledge and it was also enjoyable

- Oliver

NSPCC Workshop

On Friday, Chris from the NSPCC came to talk to us about what they do as a charity. He was also talking about neglect which means where a child is not fed properly, or given appropriate clothing by their parent or guardian. We watched some videos about ChildLine and what to do if you need to call them. We wore a green item of clothing to raise money for the charity and gave this to Chris when he visited our school.

- Angela

World War Two Artefacts

Understanding why we learn what we do in maths

It's really useful to know why we learn about angles and things because I need to know. I would never think that a hairdresser would need to know about angles but they do because they need to know them to cut the hair correctly. I know their purpose now! 

- Cason