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Real Life

Building a House for Three Bears

The children listened to the story of the Three Bears and then decided to make their own houses outside. They talked about the different materials they were using. The bricks were very heavy to carry!

Looking after ducklings

The children loved watching eggs hatch in school and watched ducklings change and grow. They counted them, sang 'Six Little Ducks went Swimming One Day' and talked about changes they saw. They talked about soft, fluffy feathers, long beak and they even noticed the webbed feet useful for swimming!

Planting Willow Trees

The children enjoyed playing amongst the Willow trees in the school grounds and then they planted their own. They have started to notice Spring changes. Leaves are beginning to grow.

Exploring Weather Changes

The children found ice in the trays outside and investigated. They are beginning to know that you find ice in the Winter because it is cold. They explored how the ice felt in their hands and also looked at the shapes they could see.

On windy days the children like to use streamers to see how strong the wind is. They explore different places in the grounds to see where they will fly the highest.