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We had a look at lots of different Bibles.  We thought about what the same was and what was different about them.
We listened to a story about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  We pretended to be Mohammed and wrote a letter to tell his family what had happened to him that day.
We invited Reverend Rie in to talk about her collection of Bibles.  We thought about different questions to ask her.

We talked about similarities and differences between the Qur'an and the Bible.

'Muslims need to wash their hands before touching the Qur'an' - Haleemah

'Muslims learn the Qur'an off by heart' - Lottie

Christmas - Good News for Everyone

We talked about different pieces of 'Good News.'  We talked about how to get it .

Phone - Lottie

Write a letter - Isaac

Text - Poppy

Email - Harrison BM


We then shared some good news about our weekend.

We then read the story of Zechariah and how he received some good news from the angel and he didn't believe it.  
We then talked about Angel Gabriel and the amazing news he told Mary.  We acted out the story and wrote about the message.