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St Peter

The children have listened to Bible stories about St Peter and learned about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Happy Eid

Making Hot Cross buns

Faatimah, Henry and Thomas made hot cross buns in the home corner and remembered to add a cross on each as the sign of Jesus.

Making Easter Gardens

Thank you prayers during Lent

The children collect resources to make Easter Gardens after hearing the stories leading up to Easter. They used sticks to make crosses and stones, grass, leaves and flowers for their garden.

Nativity role play

Aanu said 'You are going to have a baby and you will call him Jesus'. Great team effort to retell the story.

I Am Special

Everyone's name is written on the palm of God's hand (Isaiah 49:6)

Fantastic independent writing!

The children looked at how they are different to each other. They looked at finger prints and how they are unique. God made each of us the same and different.
The children chose how to use paint to create a pattern.