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Quarry Bank Mill

On Wednesday 27th November we went on a trip to Quarry Bank Mill.  We dressed up as Victorian mill workers and maids.  

We started off in the Apprentice's House and met the lady in charge called Mrs Shawcross.  She was scary and very strict. 

We were learning how to do curly handwriting and one of us got it wrong.  He had to stand by the wall holding some weights.

We then got shown around the rest of the house.


'You have to share a bed with your friend for 9 years.'

'You have to share a chamber pot and then empty it every day'

Medicine room 

 ' If you get dust in your eyes then leeches suck the badness away'

'You had to use treacle and sulphur to make you poo.'

We had a test to see if we were fit enough to be mill workers.  Luckily we all passed.


The children would be fed 3 times a day.  It would often be porridge with different things.  It would sometimes be meat.

We then learnt about the hierarchy within the mill.


'There is the owner, manager, clerk the workers and then the children.' Boaz


'They get money taken off them for rent, shopping and being late.'