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We are looking at Health and Wellbeing and are going to be covering; Healthy Lifestyles, Growing and Changing, and Keeping Safe. 

Keeping Safe

As part of looking at keeping safe, we had an 'Anti-bullying day' in school. During this we looked at what bullying is and looks like, how to identify bullying and what to do if the children witness or are victims of bullying.

We looked at what bullying actually is and the difference between bullying and playful 'teasing' or falling out. This was a really interesting discussing and I feel like the children got a lot from this session.

What is the difference between bullying and playful teasing?

What is the difference between bullying and playful teasing? 1
What is the difference between bullying and playful teasing? 2
We looked at where bullying can happen and why someone might get bullied, this included cyber bullying. We talk about how someone would feel if they are being bullied and what they should do to get help.

Letter advising Malik on how to deal with being bullied

Letter advising Malik on how to deal with being bullied 1

Outdoor Learning

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Some children chose to act out a 'bullying' scenario, while other children chose to create a poem or rap to perform.

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Keeping Safe

We are looking at Online Safety. Within that we will be covering; keeping safe online, protecting information- including passwords, addresses and images. 

During our Online Safety Day, we looked at the potential dangers of gaming and online gaming. We read a class story called 'But it's only a Game'. This story looks at the addiction of gaming and how it can have a negative impact on our lifestyle. We discussed the age restrictions on games, and it was interesting to see what age the children believe certain games were until we checked their official ratings. I have included a link before if you would like to have a look at this on your own or with your child to discuss age restrictions of apps and games.


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We also looked at sharing images and how safe/ unsafe it is to do this. We discussed what images the children felt were safe and what images they felt were unsafe to share. We discussed inappropriate images and what could potentially happen if you shared an inappropriate image. We looked at what happened when we shared an image to someone we trusted by handing someone in a class a picture the children had drawn of themselves. I then asked the person who had the picture if they would keep it or if they would share it with someone who they thought they could trust. The children soon realised how easily a photo can be shared around.
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We discussed what children needed to do if they ever felt uncomfortable or if anyone asked them to share an inappropriate image. We advised the children that they must speak to an adult they trust, at home or at school. The children worked really hard during our Online Safety Day and we had some really in depth discussions. All the children showed respect and listened to one another and I feel the children got a lot out of the session.

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