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Today when we started in year 4 we had to think about our class rules and what we wanted. We talked about respect and trying our best. (AR)


We created a set of rules that show what happens if we break the rules. (VP)


We then learnt about the rights of child and how important it is to have education and food and water. We are lucky to have families that love us and keep us safe. (OC)


We also learnt about democracy and why that is important to us. Our teacher showed us some manifesto's and we found out that a manifesto was important to show people about what you would do. Your views. We then wrote our own manifesto to become a School Councillor. We then held a vote and we then elected our School Councillors, it was fun when we had to read out our manifesto's to our constituents (Our Class friends). (ES)

Some examples of our work.