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Practical/ Real Life

We have had a basketball coach in school to work with the children to improve their ball skills. The children have really enjoyed this experience and have shown development with their ball control, passing and and aiming into a target. 

The children discovered a nest on the school grounds. We were not sure who the nest belonged to and we made predictions of who we think had laid the eggs. Was it a bird? Was it a giant snake? Was it a dinosaur? 


In geography we worked have been looking at position, direction and compass points. We have also linked this to our maths work. We created instructions to get a partner to the dinosaur nest. We then checked these instructions. We realised how important it was to be precise and introduced using 1 quarter or a half anti -clockwise or clockwise, to make our instructions more precise. 
We wanted to build on our class timeline by adding when the dinosaurs where alive. We realised that we did not have enough space in the classroom so go far back enough to add the dinosaurs to our timeline so we went outside. We used 10 sticks, 100 and 1000 cubes to try and created a line long enough to show 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs went extinct. We realised we didn't have enough space or resources to show 65 million years because it was such a long time ago. 
Parents attended a parents afternoon, which was spent supporting their children and experiencing an art lesson with the children. The children created clay sculptures and where able to talk to their parents about the planning/ design of their sculptures and where their inspiration came from. The clay sculptures were then painted in class once they were dry. 

Parents Afternoon

Painting The Clay