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Practical Learning

Clapping rhythms with crochets, quavers, minims and rests

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In our music lessons we have learned about the names of notes and their values. We clapped out lots of rhythms and then made our own in a later session.

"This helped me to understand how to make simple rhythms into a composition. It was really fun!" - Abdiel

CPR with Heartbeat

CPR with Heartbeat 1 Learning the recovery position
CPR with Heartbeat 2 CPR
CPR with Heartbeat 3 CPR

When Sian visited our class, we took it in turns to carry out putting people into the recovery position. We do this so that should we ever need to do it in a real-life scenario we know what to do. We watched a video which explained how an accident might occur and what we could do to help. We learned how to do CPR on the dolls so we know how to resuscitate people in real-life. 


"This experience has made me figure out how to do CPR. It was really handy to practice on the dolls first because there it is difficult to link your fingers and press down with your palm. I feel confident that I could help people in real-life now because I've learned a new skill." - Reece

Understanding how the Earth rotates

Understanding how the Earth rotates 1 The sun in the centre of the solar system
Understanding how the Earth rotates 2 The tennis ball is the Earth
Understanding how the Earth rotates 3 The Earth orbits the sun
Understanding how the Earth rotates 4 The moon orbits the Earth

We used different sized balls to represent the sun, moon and Earth. We found out that the sun does not move and that the Earth orbits (this means goes round) the sun. The Earth, at the same time, rotates on it's own axis. Earth only has 1 moon and it orbits the Earth over 27.322 days. It takes 12 months (1 year) for the Earth to orbit the sun. 


"I thought this experience was fun because it really helped me to understand what the sun, moon and Earth do. I could physically see them all moving and it supported me to learn about the solar system. I find it easier to learn when I am actually doing something, not just reading about it." - Arissa

Natwest MoneySense Workshop

Natwest MoneySense Workshop 1 We solved a series of clues to solve a fraud case.

Natwest representatives came in to school for the afternoon to teach us about ways to keep safe on line with our finances. We had to understand which information we needed to keep safe and ensure was not distributed on social media. We also needed to consider ways that criminals acquire information about us to build a big picture of our details. We spent the afternoon solving clues and discussing evidence that lead to a series of fraudulent activities being committed on our 'make-believe' bank accounts.


"I really enjoyed the afternoon. I will never just put my bank statements in the bin when I'm older!" 

SKS - pupil


Workshop 1 Listening to background information
Workshop 2 Voting for a sweet shop
Workshop 3 Information Challenge
Workshop 4 Taking a vote
Workshop 5 Puzzle
Workshop 6 Finished puzzle
Workshop 7 Splitting the puzzle
Workshop 8 Making different shapes with the puzzle
Workshop 9 Making different shapes with the puzzle
Workshop 10 Acting out Theseus and the Minotaur
Workshop 11 How heavy is your shield?
Workshop 12 Battle shield
Workshop 13 Getting ready for battle
Workshop 14 Olympic javelin throwing
Workshop 15 Olympics
Workshop 16 Chariot racing
Workshop 17 Olympic winners
Workshop 18 Winning Corithian Team
Workshop 19 Dressing as a Greek civilian

We had a visitor come in to teach us all about life as an Ancient Greek citizen. We learned about how they lived and how they survived through the brutal age of fighting. We listened to the creation myth and realised how the Gods were thought up. We trained as boy Spartan soldiers or relaxed as Spartan ladies. We got to hold our own mini-Olympics and had competitors from four Greek cities (Corinth won!).


We completed some independent research and found out that when little boys were born they were checked by 5 men and if they weren't perfect they were sent to a mountain to stay overnight. If they survived, they were allowed to join the Spartan army. BUT... most did not survive!


We really enjoyed our day exploring the life of an Ancient Greek citizen. 


Greek Mosaics

This is so practical because we are going to be using real tiles, adhesive and grout just like a real tiler. It will teach us how to cut different materials (tile) that we have not used before. We had to create our own design to use as a template. This design had to be really simple.


The finished product...



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Year 5 French Bootcamp


Year 5 planned a bootcamp in French with a number of physical exercises including press-ups, star jumps, bench dips, burpees and squat thrusts. They executed the bootcamp following work in class on exercise and body parts in French. The children followed this by recording their results in French.

One child said, " I can now record by numbers in French more confidently."


Year 5 French Bootcamp