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Practical learning

The digestive system in humans
We carried out a science experiment to explain how the digestive system works.

'The experiment was disgusting, all the food all squishy felt wierd' - Fazil


'I learned that there are 2 parts to the intestine, a small and a large part.' Lucy


'It was fun to learn what happens inside our body because we can't see it' Lila

Cooking at Broughton High School

We looked at germs and how to cook safely by washing hands and taking extra care with sharp and hot things.


'I didn't want to shake hands because that's how the germs spread.' Danikah


'I washed my hands really carefully before I started to cook and kept my hands away from my mouth.' Ben


'I hadn't cooked with chives before, they are a bit like onions.' Grace


'The pizza rolls are really scrummy, i even took extra home for tea.' Solomon




Week 2 at Broughton High School- making bread!

What an amazing afternoon we had, making bread.


' We used herbs to add some interesting smells and tastes.' Freya


'We got to shape our dough into whatever shape we wanted.' Lila


'The bread is delicious, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.' Lila


We learned lots of different skills and vocabulary. 


Trying different breads.

Still image for this video

Which kind of bread do I like?

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The finished products ready to take home.

For our final week of cooking, Broughton High School had something special planned for us. 

When we arrived, we got to see the 3D printer at work creating a cutter with our school badge on it.

We then made cakes and decorated them with icing, which we had cut out using the new cutters.

We learned lots of new skills and the children worked really hard. 


'My favourite bit was seeing the detail that the 3D printer put into the plastic.' Nathaniel


' It was hard to cream together the sugar and margarine, we had to mix it a lot.' Danikah


' The sieve made the flour go really soft and fluffy.' Mahira


' I used a metal spoon to fold in the flour.' Oliver


' The mixture going into the cake cases was all runny but when it came out of the oven it was a soft fairy cake.' Stan


' The cutters were tricky to use but the picture of our school badge looked really good.' Alex


'Thank you to all the staff and children who helped us at Broughton, we all loved every minute.' from Year 4

Making Greek pots and mosaics in art