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Practical Learning

Changing fractions to percentages

"During maths we used blocks to create a shape which we then had to change into a fraction and then a percent. First we divided the numerator by the denominator and then multiplied by 100. This helped as I could visualise the shape and see how many blocks of each colour there were." 


We needed to make our outfits for our Maya v Spanish re-enactment. We used lots of different equipment such as: sewing machines, saws, knives, needle and cotton. It was great fun and we got to use things we'd never come across before. When we'd done, we were able to go outside and do our 'war'.
" We did a Maya v Spanish re-enactment. We made clothes out of cloth and material and weapons from cardboard, silver foil and anything else we could find. Everyone had a lot of fun. We went outside and use the grass as a 'battlefield', the Tree-house as a base and the other den-making area as another base; we got to pick our won sides."

Part of our PSHE topic was to look at relationships-particularly 'dares'.

We thought up a drama that showed what could happen if you dared someone. We pretended we had been dared to do something wrong and what we would need to do and who we would need to speak to if something did happen.

" We went to Eureka! to learn about the Circulatory System, how food is digested and about all other body parts. We saw the horrible parts inside our body like fat! At one point, we visited a talking robot that told us facts about our bodies. The best bit was the talk about how food is digested. The lady gave a demonstration that showed us what happened from when food enters the mouth to coming out the other way! It was pretty gross! We played games and had a great time."DA

Board Game - Design Technology

The children were given a brief to design and construct a board game from scratch. They chose which materials were best to do the job. The board games are still under construction...  

Finished Board games

Stone Age to Iron Age is our History topic and we have been looking at tools made in the Stone Age. The children enjoyed playing with the clay using utensils to help shape it. The outcomes were great as shown in photo below. 

'i really enjoyed the clay it was fun because you can make it what you want and researching them to make it accurate was good' 

For our DT subject we researched sundials, this linked to our outdoors topic. The children completed independent research, using what they had found out, they then went on to make their own sundial out of card. 

We used a compass to ensure the sundial was in the correct place to make it a fair test (facing north).