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We started our plant topic with looking at the parts of a plant and looking at what their jobs were. 


We looked at the difference between plants such as a tree having a trunk and a sunflower having a stem. 

We then set up an experiment to look at what a plant needs to live. 

We already knew that water and sunlight were very important to plants but we also looked at other things that keep a plant alive. 


These were:

  • light
  • space
  • air
  • soil
  • water


For our experiment, we had 6 different plants. For each plant we took away one of these apart from 1 that we kept normal and allowed this to have everything it needed. 

We observed the plants for a little over a week and these are the results. 


Before we started our experiment, we were able to have a look at the plants roots to see how much they spread out in the plant pot and how much space they need! 

Our Plants

Our experiment showed that the 2 most important things for a plant to live were water and space. 

We also found out that the plant without the soil did better than some others.


As you can see from the pictures some of our plants became very droopy but others became very crispy (these were the 2 without water or space). 

The pictures also show how beautiful the plant stayed when we gave it everything we needed. 

We then looked at water transportation in plants. 

We knew that the roots collected the water and the stem transferred the water to where it was needed. 

Our experiment included putting white flowers in water and adding different colours of food colouring into the different glasses of water. 

We used pink/red food colouring for this experiment. As you can see, the red food colouring is very clear on some of the petals - even more underneath.