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We have been learning about the things that keep our bodies healthy. We talked about the food we liked to eat and then discussed whether it was healthy or unhealthy.
We learnt about how physical exercise keeps us healthy.

We read the story 'Elmer'. We talked about what happens when Elmer changes and why he is doing what he is doing at certain parts of the story.

We sat in a circle and placed a large Elmer in front of us. We talked about Elmer being different colours  and that it is ok to be different. the children then made their own patch to go on Elmer. We then looked at three key events from the story. The children explained how Elmer was feeling and why.

We talked about how dental health is important. The children produced a poster.
Health and well being
We talked about what we like and don't like. We talked about making healthy choices.

Change and loss


We talked about how we feel when we loose something or there is a change. The children wrote about what they have lost and how it made them feel. they then said how they felt when they found what they had lost.



We sang a song about washing our hands, talked about how germs are spread and what we can do to stop them from spreading. We then made a poster.

Growing and Changing


We read a story about a new baby and talked about the things that babies need. We then talked about what we can do and what a baby can do.

Keeping safe

We talked about household products and medicines and how they can be harmful if not used correctly. We then thought about what goes on to and into peoples bodies and how this makes us feel.

Internet Safety Day

We went for a walk around school and looked for examples of being safe.

'There is a camera that keeps us safe from bad people.' (Zack W)

'There is a gate that needs locking to keep us safe.' (Thomas C)