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In PE we have started learning how to fence. This week we were taught how to position our feet, the on guard position, the attack position and how to salute.

We also learnt how to correctly wear the kit and tried our first duel.


This week in PE the girls learnt how to but their body armor on. We learnt to pronate and supernate the blade. This means rotating the blade with your wrist instead of waving the sword side to side. Sometimes we tried to lean forward to touch our opponent but this meant we could be touched ourselves. When you are touched by your opponents blade, we shout 'touche'. 



This week we built on our skills by learning to parry and riposte. This meant we moved the blade in a very small circle to block our opponent then lunge forwards to touch them giving us a point.


In fencing this week we learnt two new ways of getting our opponent. The parry octave and the parry septeme. Every time you parry, you must riposte. 

We recapped the importance of keeping to our line when fencing. The line runs through your heel on your back foot, your toes on your front foot, up through your wrist and through the sword.


This was our last week of fencing. We held a mini tournament using the skills we have learnt in previous sessions.