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Orienteering 1
Orienteering 2

We love to go outside and use the orienteering course to develop our maths skills. We sometimes write our own questions based on French lessons and History or Geography. 


"Orienteering really helps me. We did a space themed course to find clues about what happened during the Space Race and then we had to order the clues. I like that orienteering makes something boring into something exciting and competitive." - Alfie

We were inspired by the shapes and patterns while we were gardening so decided to do some weaving with sticks we found in the grounds. 
We used the school grounds to complete an orienteering task with questions on shapes and angles. Despite the rain, we still had a great time!
Picture 1
Picture 2
We realise that some of our seeds are not ready to plant outside and took the decision to germinate some seeds in a propagator in the classroom. When they are starting to grow and a little more hardy we will transfer them to our allotment. We have carrots, beetroot, onion and cauliflower. 
Picture 1 Planted 26/2/19
Picture 2 Review 7/3/19
Picture 3 Harvested - Our peas and spring onions

Above, you can see our vegetables that we harvested in July. 


"I didn't think our tiny seeds would grow! I'm so proud." - Amber 


"I can not believe that we grew these. We planted them, following all of the instructions and they've grown enough so that we can eat them. I can understand now where food comes from. I'd love to be a farmer, it must be so rewarding!" - Dani