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Outdoor Learning

In P.E. we have been working on our cricket skills.

We have been lucky enough to have a cricket coach give us some training in cricket skills. Everyone is growing in confidence with throwing, catching, batting and fielding skills.

'I have learned to hold the ball using the rabbit ears grip!' Rachel

'I am getting better at throwing over arm and aiming correctly.' Anna

'I have caught the ball so many times.' Finlay


We are improving our cricket skills.

Science outdoors

We tested different objects to see which force affected the way they move. 

' I used a spring to push the car forward. I didn't know how strong the spring would be.' Ben

'I was testing to see if the size of object affects how the fast an object falls to the ground. Gravity.'  Alex

' I was looking at how air resistance affects how fast objects fall to the ground' Charlie

' I was testing the different surfaces to see if friction affected how the car travelled.' Grace



Investigating forces in action.