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Outdoor Learning

The children have started to investigate where food comes from. We have worked as a class to plant a variety of vegetables. Some we have been able to plant directly into the ground; Broccoli, Carrots and peas, whilst others we have potted and will start off in our classroom; Courgettes and sweetcorn. 


We worked to turn over the soil and add in fresh compost and learnt how to plant a seed in a pot. 


We will monitor the vegetables as the grow and the children have the responsibility to maintain the bedding areas and water the plants. 

The children have started a 5 week training course with a qualified hockey coach. The children have already started to learn how to hold and move with the hockey stick, how to control and pass the ball and how a hockey match is played. 
We have been outdoors exploring capacity and volume. The children really enjoyed making the objects over flow when checking capacity.