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Where food comes from

The children have been learning about where food comes from. They went to pick some beans from our school vegetable patch and talked about what plants need to grow.

Humblecough Farm - School Visit
We visited Humblecough Farm to experience forest school activities.
We listened to the rules of the forest.
We sat around the campfire and sang some songs. We then watched as Laurie lit the fire. After that we all had a chance to toast a marshmallow.
We worked in groups to find natural resources to make a pixie den. We were then given a wobbly pixie to put in it.
We ate our lunch in on the field and then played we the sport equipment.
We made clay goblins using the natural resources in the forest.
We made dens using the tarpaulines and ropes.
'We went to the forest and toasted marshmallows. After that we made a den for six or eight people' -Michelle
'We made pixie homes and put some bugs in it'- Lola
We played bat moth game and made a creation out of clay' - Lucy
We went on a walk in the school grounds to see what flowers and plants we could find. We then took a photograph of them and found out their names.
'We took some photographs of plants and then researched what they were.' - Holly