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Outdoor learning

We went outside to look at maps in the environment. We also looked at photos and tried to see where the photo might be on the map. It was tricky but we were really good at looking for clues.


'There is a duck in the photo is that where the duck symbol is on the map?' Fazil


'Is the M6 a big river because it is blue on the map?'


'The River Lostock meanders! ' Alex


We learned lots of new vocabulary whilst discussing rivers.

Cuerden Valley Park


Here are some facts from our visit to Cuerden Valley Park.

There building is made out of all recycled materials. There is a reservoir, which had been built in the Victorian Times by Lord Townley. I Learnt about the types of insects and fish that live in the ponds and rivers. I now understand about the three courses and lots of technical vocabulary used for river studies. (Charlie).


Oxbow lakes are when the rivers flood and it cuts another pathway to join the main part of the river. (Lila)

Here are some photographs of our exciting day out.

To complete our studies we wrote our own report about our day out and what we had learnt. Here are some of our reports. (Lila)

Here are some examples of our work.

Here are some examples of our learning and what we enjoyed during our visit.

MFL - French


Following on from our mapwork in Geography, we went outside to ask for directions and give directions, in French. The children are growing in confidence and having a really good go at putting together a conversation. 

Groups gave directions to lead others to the various places.

Outdoor maths


Today we have been outside learning about quadrilateral shapes and there angles. We worked in groups of two or three and we had to find and photograph different shapes in the outdoors. When we came back into class we then printed off our pictures and labelled them in our books. (AH)


After we had been outside we used the geo boards to create pictures using quadrilaterals, we could use regular or irregular shapes. I made a boat. (BG)

Our pictures of our learning on the outdoors identify quadrilateral shapes and angles.

we were identifying quadrilaterals.
We found a quadrilateral on the table.
The rabbit hutch had quadrilateral shapes.
The willow had irregular quadrilaterals.
The side of the cross had a quadrilateral.
We used our geo boards.
I made a boat using quadrilaterals.