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Online Safety

Summer 2 - Understanding about online images

During these sessions of learning we identified which devices we had access to that connected to the internet or could connect with other people. Most of us had multiple devices that we could use to send images to other people. We had team discussions about what sort of images people send and on what apps or websites they send them. As well as negative reasons we did also think of positive reasons to share images with people that we know. 

We worked in partners to create a list of criteria to think about before we send any images to people. We watched a video which showed us a girl who was in a situation but she did not think about these lists of criteria.

At the end of the unit we worked through some different situations that happen in real life to think about what the best course of action should be. 

Spring 2 - Reporting online bullying

This half term we learnt about all the different ways to access the internet. We already knew which devices we had in our homes that could access the internet. We discussed how to report and block people that were unkind to us and we decided it was best to always tell a grown up. That grown could be your parent, grandparent, any family member or your teacher. 

Spring 2 - Online Profiles

Today we learnt about safe ways to portray ourselves online. We discussed what information we should disclose about ourself and which types of photos we should upload and publicise. We then made a 'safe' profile.