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October 2019

Number hunting - To Encourage the children to recognise some numerals of personal significance including 1-5 we went on a number hunt around the school environment.

Children noted down on a tally what they found.
I'm 4!

Party hat creations - We embraced the topic of parties for two weeks. The children had great fun creating party hats from a variety of resources. Mrs Thomas and Mrs Anderson scaffolded their knowledge, showing the children different designs and materials they could use.

I"'m going to be a princes at the party"
Mine is like a pirates hat! I used big paper.
"My hat began with a circle that we folded in half

Using ICT - We have been exploring the computer programmes on simple city in the ICT Suite. We are able to navigate the mouse and use the clicker to select parts of our programme independently.

"click the arrow to move along the story"
"Its a colour explosion"
"We all chose the same game together"

2D shape games - We have been distinguishing between flat 2d shapes and 3d Fat shapes. The children have played games to identify the 2D shapes. We have also been learning a rhyme for 3D shapes. We used string to create different 2D shapes with Mrs Anderson.

"The shape monster ate my square"
"I got it right!"

“The more risks you allow your children to make, the better they learn to look after themselves.” Roald Dahl We enjoyed our first-hand experience of holding and manipulating the screwdrivers. This activity was an excellent opportunity to develop our hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills and take a risk assessments of our actions. The children worked on a variety of levels being supported by Mrs Thomas. Some were able to directly apply pressure and twist in the screws theirs with support twisted in screws partly fitted to the pumpkin. It took concentration and stick ability to master this proses. Through being empowered to use real tools, by being given some responsibility and accomplish the task that the children found initially challenging, they have started to gain new skills and took pride in their efforts.

Today we played full Circle. We focused on sounding out the individual letters then blending the words together. We are building our confidence in this activity and are ready to try new words. Please see attached words in letters and sounds we will be using in preparation to reading fluently. When reading together we are sounding out words and blending them together, this experience is beneficial to early reading and will help us in our writing.

As a class we discussed fire safety in preparation to bonfire night. We watched bonfire safety tips from fireman Sam and talked about different fireworks, the noise, our experiences of bonfire night and how they are different chemical reactions. Mrs Thomas demonstrated what a chemical reaction was. We predicted what might happen then described it, as it took place.

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