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November - December 17

Folktales, Fairy tales and Fables

Over this half term before Christmas, we will be looking at a wide range of tales and fables. 

Looking at these tales, it gives us a chance to have a go at different writing genres. 

The folktales we have looked at so far are:

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Hansel and Gretel


We then started to look at some fairy tales which included:

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Snow White


While we have been looking at these different tales, we have been looking at the common features of folktales and fairy tales and we have looked at the similarities and differences of them. 

Common features include:

  • Good and bad characters
  • Problems that often get resolved
  • Phrases that get repeated
  • Number 3 and 7 appearing in tales
  • Animals acting and humans 

... and much more. 


As we have looked at these tales, we have noticed that there are lots of different versions of the same tales. Some of us have brought in different versions we own from home. 

While working on folktales and fairy tales we have been concentrating on direct speech and also complex sentences. 

We have created a step by step tick list for us to follow when we do speech marks as there is so much for us to remember! 


For our complex sentence, we need to remember: I SAW A WABU

These stand for each of the subordinating conjunctions that can be included when writing a complex sentence. 











These are some of our examples. 

We then had a go at doing something a bit different. 

Two of our writing activities included: 

  1. Writing as a character 
  2. Making an alternative ending. 


We really liked the alternative endings some of us thought of. We tried hard to keep the tales and characters the same and just change a little bit. 

We made sure we used lots of descriptive vocabulary in order for the reader to be hooked!!

After looking at lots of different folktales, we took into account everything we had learnt. 

The features of the different tales, the different characters we had met and lots of other areas that make these tales so fun. 


We were then able to create our own tales. We created a new good and bad character and put them into a new scenario which was similar to some of the tales that we had seen. 


Here are some of our finished tales.