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New Beginnings

In our New Beginnings topic, it allows us to look at different areas all about rules and also what is right and wrong. 

We also have opportunity to reflect on ourselves and look at our own goals and achievements and to also set some targets for ourselves to challenge us throughout Year 3. 

Throughout this, we also look at feelings and emotions. This may include other peoples or our own. 

We first started looking at what goals we wanted to set ourselves for the year.


This could either be a small target - that we could achieve very quickly or a target to keep achieving throughout Year 3. 

Some of our goals were:

  • Learn all my times tables
  • Move to Year 4 maths set
  • Go to choir or recorders
  • Achieve a pen licence


We then looked at different emotions and feels and how sometimes, some feelings are harder to show that others. 

We played a little game were we had to act out a feeling that Miss Smith had given us and the others had to guess what it was. 

Continuing with looking at feelings - we then used the characters from the Disney film, Inside Out, to help us. 

We talked about different times we may have felt the certain emotion. 

We wrote down some examples and stuck it to the correct emotion we were feeling. 

We chatted about how it's ok to show how we are feeling and always talking to somebody will make us feel better.


We even created some new characters too! 

To finish our topic, we looked at different words that we may hear sometimes. 


We sorted these words out into "good" words or "bad" words. If we weren't sure what the word was we discussed it as a class first and then decided the best place for it to go. 

We have had lots of fun completing this topic but we have also learnt some important lessons. 

  • We know that sometimes people may hide how they are feeling so we need to be nice to them
  • How important it is to follow rules wherever we are. 
  • Why we should challenge ourselves and set goals for ourselves. 
  • And always talk to people!

All our fantastic work! no