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Mini Medics

We have had a great afternoon. Sian from Heartbeat came to school to visit our class. We learned about emergency first aid. We watched some video clips real life situations. One child who had to deal with emergency first aid was only 6 years old. (SE).


Sian came to visit today and we learned all about emergency first aid. We learned how to place people in the recovery position and then we worked with our partners to practice this skill. We then learned about cardiac arrest and the need to understand CPR. After we had watched a video we had the opportunity to try this out on some dummies. It is very dangerous to try this at home. (NN)


Have a look at our photographs and keep an eye out for our written work. (RN)

Here are some of the photographs taken during our mini medic session.

Welcome to mini medics
What dangers can you spot?
Sian introduces us to Annie.
We try checking for patient response.
Lila lets Sian demonstrate recovery position.
Lila is now in the recovery position.
We try checking fro breathing.
We try out the recovery position.
Today we have finished off our report from the visit from Sian. We have learned so much and we hope that you enjoy reading about it. AH

Our follow up work from Sian's visit.

Enjoy our work.
Read on mine continues onto the next picture.