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Mental Health and well-being.

Over the last few week the children have been learning about the effects of mental health and well-being. Below are some of their thoughts along with examples of their work.


Mental health plays a big part in PSHE. We have learnt how people with problems think and how they sometimes over think things or maybe suffer with emotional problems. being calm is the best medicine. Also being positive. Being negative can be bad, its like looking through black clouds constantly. (Charlie).


Mental health can be improved by eating a healthy balanced diet and keeping fit, these two things help to keep our emotions in tune. To help prevent stress keeping fit and healthy is one positive option. (Lila)


Mental health is when the mind gets too full like a snow-globe. It gets shaken so you loose confidence in yourself. You can deal with these emotions by having enough sleep, a healthy diet and lots of exercise. Colouring is also a means of calming down and relaxing. (Benjamin)


How to keep positive

If you are having a bad day try thinking about something positive, meaning something happy and then all of a sudden your frown will turn into a smile. Our number one class rule is always have a smile on your face. (Danikak)


You need to keep clam and tidy your head. Focus on what happens now and look to what will happen next. (NC)



Samples of our work based on mental health and well-being.