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May 2019

We started this half term with the topic 'On the Farm'. The children learned about the different animals that live on a farm and enjoyed being the farmer in our small world area.
As a class, we talked about the different animals. What they looked like and what noises they make and then we played a guess who game where we gave each other clues and then had to guess which animal we were. This really helped with our listening skills.
We practiced our cutting skills by cutting out different animals and farm equipment and sticking them to create our very own farm.
At the beginning of the week, the children found muddy pigs in the classroom and they had to clean them to reveal a challenge. There were maths challenges and also reading challenges to complete once the pigs were clean.
In our maths area there were jigsaws where the children had to match the numeral to the correct number of objects to complete the puzzle.
We finished our farm topic by painting cows using hand prints. It got really messy!!
Our final topic for this half term was The Gingerbread Man. They escaped from the classroom and hid in the outside area. The children had to find them and then put the numbers in the correct sequence.
"I think we have found them all!!"
"7 comes after 6."
"They are all in order from 0 to 10."
The children built a den to hide from the nasty fox.
"That nasty fox won't find us in here."
We mixed paints together so that the Gingerbread Man was brown.
"Look what happens when I mix the colours."
The children practiced their fine motor skills by cutting out different parts of a Gingerbread Man and using split pins to put him back together.
"Look, his arms and legs move."
"It is quite tricky to cut around."
Nursery made their own Gingerbread Men. They started by looking at all the ingredients needed and then mixed them all up ready to go into the oven. We then enjoyed eating them at snack time.
"I wonder what we are going to make?"
"We need to mix the ingredients up."
"It is still a bit sticky."
"They look delicious."