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May 2019

The children enjoyed helping create and explore the dens outside. They created stories through role play and enjoyed sharing them together. "I learned about mini beasts and bees in the book. I love bees, I love wasps but I don't particularly like worms." Joseph.

We are encouraging further reading at home with reading buddies. Some children have now achieved their bronze medal for reading in different places for fun, these have included: on a swing, with a flashlight in the dark, in the car and under an umbrella in the rain. "I read the story by myself to my reading buddy, I enjoyed it." Arthur.

We have enjoyed using the writing socks and special writing feathers to engage in handwriting. The children wrote for different purposes but enjoyed experimenting. Using the special feather pencils to draw and write together."I got better at writing, I used a tricky word." Jack.

In our role play and open ended opportunities in the classroom provision, we have been constructing number lines from 0 to 25 using the number cards and tracks. We have been practicing and embedding counting reliably with numbers from one to 20+, placing them in order and saying which number was one more or one less than a given number. " I helped Abel and Sravan go up to 20. It was hard because we had to problem solve. I was tired." Zack.

We loved our walk and visit to Fulwood Library. We have been promoting the importance of the library and how it is an important corner stone of a healthy community. We enjoyed getting lost in some beautiful books read during our session. It was a lovely and peaceful, the librarian explained what was available in the library to enhance our learning and how to most importantly join and become members. "This was exciting. I liked seeing my favorite librarian there. I went back after our visit because that's our library." Alice.

The children really enjoyed themselves at the mini skills event. We relished tackling a new experience against so many schools, we worked together cheering one another on and celebrated our achievements. Competing in throwing, jumping running and passing activities broadening our experiences of sport in action. " I was happy because I liked rolling the ball to my friends, we were a team." Pearl.