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Identifying angles
Identifying angles within a shape
Times Table games outside

Number - place value

We have recalled the names of each place value column. Discussed the terms 'to the power of...'. 


Number - addition & subtraction

We have practised accurately calculating for column addition and subtracting, ensuring that we remember to carry across when needed. 


Number - multiplication & division

We have reviewed the terms - factor, product, common factor and highest common factor. 

We have revised the short division method - which we sometimes call The Bus Stop Method. 


Fractions enrichment


Fraction dominoes
Equivalent Fraction Bingo
Flip-it Equivalent Fractions
Free-range Fractions
Equivalent Fraction Dominoes
Equivalent Fraction Dominoes

Geometry - angles

We know the names of the angles and can tell you which degrees they have to be. We have measured angles around the room and are learning how to draw angles accurately. 


Geometry - position & direction