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Mar 2019



Our first topic this half term is Pirates as the children had shown an interest in this outside pretending to look for buried treasure. The children have already created their own treasure maps, split pin pirates and role-played pirates in our small world area playing with pirates and boats in the water.

This week, the children have continued with the pirate theme and we have also looked at Shrove Tuesday being the day before the start of lent. We decided to make our own pancakes and the children mixed all the ingredients themselves and cooked the pancakes outside. We had a choice of jam or golden syrup as a topping and all the children enjoyed eating them for their snack.

Our new topic is space and the children made different planets using playdough and created their very own passports so we could travel around space. They drew a picture of themselves and wrote their age and name inside.

We also created rockets out of different shapes and discussed the shapes we were using and made spaceships out of junk modelling.

With Spring approaching, we read the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and went on a walk around the school looking for different insects. The children played in the small world area recreating the story using props and practiced counting the caterpillars as well as writing a shopping list for the Hungry Caterpillar.