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Library visit based on self-belief

Our visit to Fulwood Library

We visited a library and there were two men there to show us all a presentation. Ross talked to us all about resilience, self-esteem and confidence. There was a book character called CUPPA and he went on adventures to develop his name C = challenge, U = unique, P = Positive, P = Perception and A = Action. We also watched a video of the characters adventure and discussed his problems along the way. (Lila).


On Tuesday we visited Fulwood Library, we went there to learn about self-esteem and confidence. We saw a a video of singers and a mouse and the message was don't give up, keep believing in yourself. (Danikah)


Today we went to a library to understand more about the word CONFIDENCE, we had a fabulous time. Look at the photographs below to learn more. (Nathaniel)