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Leading Teams

Seaside shop and Cafe

The children worked together to set up food for the cafe and shop.

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

After listening to the story The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch the children worked together to make a lighthouse and then sent food and messages to Mr Grinling, using a pulley system and basket.

Making play dough

The children worked together to mix salt, flour and water to make dough. They explored and measured how much of each they would need.

Making pathways

The children worked together to make pathways to travel along so that they wouldn't fall into the lava!

Water challenge

The children explored ways to collect water, transport it and fill containers using water channels

Nativity role play

Aanu said 'You're going to have a baby and you will call him Jesus.'


The children enjoyed two weeks learning about pirates, hearing stories, singing songs, making telescopes, counting jewels and lots more! They loved coming to school dressed as a pirate and enjoyed lots of role play. They joined together when walking the plank.
The children loved being pirates and pretended to be on a ship. They made their own telescopes to look out to sea. Everyone shouted 'Ooh Arghh!' 

Three Billy Goats Gruff

The playground started to flood and so Elsie decided to build a bridge. Other children  came to join in. The bridge then became the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff!