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In PE, we have started looking at Bootcamps. We discussed how this is a circuit that you work round concentrating on different exercises for your body.

We worked our way round the bootcamp in our groups to then prepare ourselves to create our own bootcamp in our teams. 



In our Art lessons, we have constructed our own Antony Gormley inspired sculptures. 

We looked at how we needed a strong and sturdy base in order for our sculptures to stand up tall and stay stood up. We helped each other and worked together to ensure all our bases were strong enough to then continue. 


In our Human Body topic, we have looked closely at what foods are healthy and good for our bodies.

We then linked this with our Geography. We looked at what the words trade, links and economy meant and how the trading of different foods help different countries economy. 

In teams, we then used atlases and iPads to locate where different fruit or vegetables come from. We drew and labelled the fruit/veg and then listed the top 2 or 3 countries that trades them the most.