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Leading in Teams

In Year 5 we often work in teams, each with a designated role, to complete research tasks. This is exactly what happens in big companies, we then feed back our findings and research to other members in our group, this helps to strength our speaking and listening skills.

Space Music

Firstly we appraised Holst's The Planets and decided to create our own version. We worked in small teams to develop our musical knowledge. Throughout our independent research on the solar system, we gathered facts and information about each planet. We then turned these facts into short rhythms. We added melodies to these rhythms and then played them in order of the planets to create our version of the Solar System.

"I was the leader of my team, Mercury. I needed to be confident to speak, communicate clearly and respectful to the people in my group. I learnt that it is difficult to get your whole team listening at the same time, however, I managed it by using my manners. This will help me because when I am older I will need manners when I communicate with other." - Dhruti


"I was the leader for my group, planet Earth. I had to use my friendly mind to lead my group because even though they were annoying me I had to respect them. I think I'm a 50/50 leader because I'm good at communicating but I get annoyed easily and then I forget to communicate. When I work in a team again and I am the leader I will try to stay calm." - Suvarna

Money Sense with Natwest

We worked in teams when Natwest representatives came in to school for the afternoon to teach us about ways to keep safe on line with our finances.


We had to understand which information we needed to keep safe and ensure was not distributed on social media. We also needed to consider ways that criminals acquire information about us to build a big picture of our details. We spent the afternoon solving clues and discussing evidence that lead to a series of fraudulent activities being committed on our 'make-believe' bank accounts.


Each member of the group had a role to play as we created these short TV programmes to inform people about how to stay safe online with their finances. Click on the link below to access our videos. 

The role of Abraham

"We planned and created a PPT presentation to teach the rest of the class about the Call of Abraham. We were trying to teach everyone about trusting in God and not being led astray. I was a bit nervous at first, but once I gave the people in my group their jobs, I could manage them. easily. This made me more confident because our final presentation was great as everyone worked really hard on their job." - Mary. 

Improving the school grounds

Weeding the path
Making the soil soft and ready for flowers
Planted trees around the perimeter fence

"We chose to improve the wildlife area of the school. We thought it looked tired so we needed to pull up the weeds, get rid of the sticks and dig up the mud in the big mound so that we could plant some flowers. We all had our own job to do and the members of the Eco Club ran the show and made sure we all had our jobs and tools and got on." -Michael. 

Comparing localities

"We chose to make our maps of the countries we were investigating more exciting than paper ones. We went outside and made them with sticks, ribbons and chalk. We had to label mountains, rivers, seas and any other features we wanted. Everyone needed a role so that we could get done in the time that Miss gave us." - Kaamil