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Leading in Teams

Spring 2 - English

As we are reading our new novel - Goodnight Mister Tom - as a class we have opportunity to play a few SPaG games. For this one we worked through groups of words from chapter 5, looking at punctuation, verbs and nouns that could help up construct these sentences back together in the correct order. 

Spring 2 - History/Geography

As part of our World War 2 topic, we combined History and Geography together to look at the Blitz during the war and how it happened locally. We used atlases together to locate the different cities that were bombed during the Blitz to locate them on our own map of England.  

Spring 2 - PE

Our unit of PE after Easter is going to be rounders so to prepare us for starting this we worked together looking at the key skills we need to play a striking and fielding game. We worked on overarm throw and underarm throw as fielders as we have done this before. We then looked at the difference of bowling in rounders to cricket. In rounders we bowl underarm compared to overarm in cricket. We then looked at the difference of how to strike the ball - a rounders bat we hold up high using only one hand. We worked as a team to practise all this skills. 

Spring 2 - Science

As part of our Materials and their properties unit, we looked at what reversible and irreversible changes are. We looked at different ways materials can be mixed together and if they can be separated in different ways. We worked in teams looking at how we can separate rice and flour, rice and paper clips and sand and water. We used sieving, magnets and the use of filter paper to do this separating. 

Spring 1 - Science

Our new Science unit involves us looking at a plants. To start this we recapped on what the 4 main parts of a plant are and added in what the jobs of the parts were. For example, how the stems job is to keep that plant upright and to transfer nutrients and water to the leaves from the roots. 

As a bit of fun while we were learning, we made our partner into the plant and labelled them (flower, stem, leaves and roots) along with their jobs. We worked together pairing up the job to the part before one of us turned into the plant. 

Spring 1 - English 

For our new English unit we are looking at - Stories with Historical Settings. The novel we have chosen to read is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. For Chapter 3, we got chance to get our acting skills going! We selected a small section of the chapter to act out and create a short playscript. 

Spring 1 - Science

To finish off our Forces unit, we looked at water resistance. We had an idea of this would be as we could remember what air resistance was and how that effected gravity. We worked in groups to investigate how the shape of an object can effect how quickly is falls through water. We noticed that something with a larger surface area took a longer than an object that was more streamline.