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Leading in Teams

Autumn 2 - PSHE

We worked in groups when we started looking at our unit Relationships. In this unit, we also look closely at what the word stereotype means and how stereotypes happen. To begin with, we looked at statements and sorted them into if we thought they were about Emily or Jack. We then discussed how actually, these statements can be about either a boy or a girl but sometimes, because of stereotypes, we link certain things to boys and certain things to girls. 

Autumn 1 - Music 

In pairs, we worked on the glockenspiels on our music piece - Dipidu. We use the notes that we had completed ourselves and guided each other when playing. 

Autumn 1 - Science 

As part of our Force unit, we looked at what air resistance was. We knew that gravity was the force that pulled objects to the centre of the earth. 

We looked at what a parachute was and what happens when someone is falling to earth when using a parachute. 

We discussed that the parachute slows down because air goes "up into the parachute". 

We now know that this is what air resistance is. 

As a class we then looked at how depending on the size of something - the air resistance will be a greater force. We now know this is called the surface area of something. 

In teams we then investigated - "The bigger the surface area = the more air resistance".

Our teams used paper to see how the different sizes of paper fell to the earth. 

Autumn 1 - English

For our English work this term, we are reading the story The Midnight Fox. So far, we have been introduced to our main character - Tom. 

We worked as a class to complete a character profile of him. We wrote down things we knew as it was mentioned in the book and also characteristics we think he has from the things he says and his behaviour from the book. 

Autumn 1 - Geography 

Before we began our Geography section of our Ancient Egyptians, we did a revision session on how to use atlases and also looking at the 7 continents of the world. We started off looking at Asia and Europe and located different countries that were in these continents. We worked together using the map and locating the country on our blank continent maps.