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Autumn Term- FOOTBALL

Football Competition

Over the next few weeks we will be developing our dribbling skills ready for our virtual competition.
Today we worked together to set up our obstacle course and then helped each other dribble around the cones. We gave each other tips for keeping the ball close to our feet at all times.

In PE we played different dribbling games and encouraged each other. Before each game we gave each other tips for dribbling the ball.

To start we played the numbers game. This got us warm and ready to play our first dribbling game. To start with, we took it in turns to get a ball from the centre and dribble it back to our team mates. In the next game we raced another team to dribble the ball around a cone and get it back to our team.

As a warm down we played a modified version of the traffic lights game.

At the start of the lesson we collected four cones between two people. Two cones were upside down and the other two were the correct way round. We had to get them all flipped over or the correct way round depending on which way we had picked. The first person to have them their way was the winner.

Autumn Term- Maths

Today we were multiplying 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. It was very tricky and there were a lot of steps to follow but we kept going even when we made mistakes. Some of us managed to get Red Pen Status and supported our friends in class.
Autumn Term - FRENCH
In french, we have worked together to ask and answer questions.
Autumn Term- HISTORY
In history, we created a human timeline. We worked together to order periods of time that we have studied.
Autumn Term - RE
In RE we designed a bible cover and have done a debate about whether Christians should read the Bible or not. We worked in two teams. One team gave reasons why the Bible is mandatory and the other group gave reasons for the Bible being optional.

Autumn Term - MUSIC


In music each week we listen to a different piece of music. We practice using our musical vocabulary. We have worked together to create posters to put around the classroom to help us during our music appreciation.
Autumn Term - Science
In science we have been looking at materials and their properties. This week we tested different materials to see if they were soluble or insoluble.
Autumn Term - DT
In DT we are looking at African musical instruments. We have research different ones and have decided to make kalimbas. We tested different materials to find out which would be the most suitable for the keys.
Autumn term - SCIENCE
In our materials unit, we worked in teams with a team leader to investigate which materials made the best insulators.