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Leading in Teams

Week 8 - Maths

We love to talk the class through our workings out. It helps to build our confidence when we choose to share our work. 

Week 7 - Historical Enquiry

Leaders, time keepers, scribes and researchers were our roles today. We had to find out about the life of a Victorian maid/housekeeper from artefacts we borrowed from the library. We drew pictures and took photos of the artefacts and used question prompts to explore the purposes of the items. We discussed how the items have changed and some are now not needed in our lives and some have been improved by technology and electrics. 

Week 6 - Computing

This task involved the leader assigning jobs to other members of the group. We needed a researcher (who used Boolean operators) to search the internet for facts and pictures about Victorian Workhouses. We also needed a designer, who had to place the research facts into a PowerPoint presentation. The leader's role was to keep everyone on task so we could finish the task in time. 

Week 4 - Science

This week we decided to investigate how and why shadows move. It wasn’t too sunny but it did come out in the end. We used a cone to create a shadow and went out every hour to see if we could see a shadow. If a shadow was there, we traced around it and measured it’s length. We didn’t move the cone but the shadow moved over the day. It changed length too. It got shorter. We had a big class discussion and decided that the sun isn’t always in the same place because the Earth is moving. This made our shadow move. We needed a leader to give people jobs, someone to measure, someone to record the measurements and someone to trace the shadow outline. 

Week 3 - PE

Leaders in the orienteering teams had to be organised and keep the group together. We couldn’t have people wandering off. The leaders had to give everyone jobs and make sure they stuck to them.