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June 2019

Reception enjoyed using our outdoors to hunt for different items to weigh. Through practical activities in the woods we could talk about which items was heavier/lighter and order two items correctly. We could explain our findings when using the scale.

"Myas was the heaviest"
The boys split their sticks into two equal groups
"we enjoyed working in teams"
Harriet identified her own mathematical problems
Arthur enjoyed writing investigations down.

The children explored our maths skills outside by hunting for numbers and the correct amount of objects to match the number. Once able to do this we were able to able to devise one more and one less than his number. Some children had to share an amount of objects between 2 and 3. The children used skills that included halving and then doubling. We then talked about how we can share to make sure it is fair.

Both groups had 5 in each.
"Im 5!"
"8dandelions for my fairy house i need 2more"

We had the opportunity to plant our own bush around the school field. Andy our groundsman demonstrated what we needed to do, we were able to follow instructions and ensured they were buried deep and secure in the ground.

The children independently wrote about their experiences during forest school activities. While spelling words phonetically plausible and some correctly. We are trying to write some words with more than one syllable ensuring our sentences can be read by themselves and others.

We have enjoyed learning about Eid. We did this through shared experiences at snack, creative activities, designing henna patterns, and designing and building a mosque in loose part play and construction. We looked at different foods shared at this time, listened to Mrs Vali explain how she celebrates and shared the story of Eid on the whiteboard. We have been able to identify the similarities and differences between ourselves and others, and among families, communities and different traditions.

"The ear bud helped make it tiny, adding detail"
"The dates were like sweets!"
Mrs Vali was nice, I liked looking at her cooking
We thought it was funny dressing up.
"We worked as a team with Sarah to make the word"

We took part in a French Day, the children took part in activities planned around a French theme, providing opportunity for them to explore the language and culture of France comparing and contrasting it to where we live. We sang "head shoulders knees and toes" counting to ten in French.

 "The pain au chocolat were my favorite, so yummy"
"I tried to create a tower taller than me."
This looks like the Eiffel Tower.
"Look at my French Flag"