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July 2019

We had a delightful day at the farm. We talked about life cycles, looked at grain harvested at the farm and parts of a flower. Outside we examined different breads of sheep, the sheep dog was collecting them up and worked with farmer Daves son. We met a day old baby calf and first time mother. Dave showed the class how a sheep was sheered and explained what they did with the wool after. We enjoyed a walk across the field and fed the goats this was after a picnic outdoors.

"it's mouth tickled my hand" Nathanael
We are not using plastic, it saves the environment
'When can we water these?' Alice
We loved running up the hill!
"Its so small" Alisha
"These flowers smell nice" Jack
Arthur knew woo was used to make our jumpers.
Joe knew the different parts of the plant

We wrote about our Farm Visit independently.

The children have been using everyday language to talk about time comparing different times and where the clock hands need to be for each hour. We did this by playing ‘What Time Is It Mr Wolf?’ We have been using the stop watch to calculate how long games last for working out minutes and seconds on a digital clock. Finally we have been having a go at making number patterns, exploring 2s, 5s and 10s. We have made some extremely big numbers in the investigation station.

"We had to work as a team" Charlie
"This is much bigger than 10,"Oscar
"We worked it out together."
Alice wrote the timings down.

How long did the game last?

Still image for this video

We enjoyed writing independently about Sports Day.

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring different ways of moving on the gym equipment in the hall.

We took turns and swapped around the equipment.
The obstacle course was fun.
"Climbing through the hoops was tricky"
This was tricky but a lot of us got up there.
Jack tried balancing on his toes for a challenge.
"I loved the monkey bars!"
Jo enjoyed looking at the hall from this height.
We had to use our upper body strength and practice